We are committed to improving the lives of our employees and the local community while preserving the environment for many generations to come.


At Monty Farms, we believe sustainable agriculture is our moral responsibility. We have both national licenses and international certifications that ensure safe disposal of waste, proper machinery maintenance, reduced emissions, quality assurance, as well as exceptional health and safety practices. At the heart of our sustainability efforts is a desire to create better tomorrows.

Monty Farms aims to optimize the applied water footprint to crops by responsibly managing runoff risks of pollution. We have extensive water management plans to ensure efficient water consumption.

In recognition of increasingly scarce natural resources, leftover or unwanted materials have become valuable assets rather than waste. We utilize multiple marketing and production strategies to minimize food waste.


We are strong supporters of the community. In addition to our contributions towards the international and local business communities, we are proud to work with charities to provide food, medicine, and education for local children.


We prioritize the rights and safety of our employees. We are proud to provide them with gainful employment, free of discrimination, and abide by all relevant legal labor practices.