About Us

Monty Farms, a member of Monty Group, is a leading international supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables, with over 20,000,000 kgs of fresh food and processed goods shipped every year.

more than 20

of the worldʼs leading agricultural specialists come to evaluate and advise on its operations



10,000+ hectares

grown since its inception


fresh food and processed goods shipped every year

Our values

At Monty Farms, we have never stopped valuing the spirit and courage of entrepreneurship. We support entrepreneurship in our communities by partnering with competitive local supply chains and sourcing from small certified farmers bringing much needed market development and access. We are committed to the development of Honduras and our actions have been aligned with national efforts in reducing poverty through honest economic contribution.

Integrity is the backbone of our culture. Our integrity is rooted in our sense of responsibility to the people we employ and the clientele we serve. We strive to deliver world class products, transparently grown and processed to be fresh and delicious.

At Monty Farms, we grow and export produce of the highest quality to deliver nature’s finest to our customers. We pride ourselves on a culture of excellence and pursue high standards of professionalism through every action and process. We treat everyone and everything with the utmost respect and care.

We recognize that sustainability is a fundamental principle in agriculture. We believe climate change can only be addressed through joint global effort where government, business, and citizens all participate. Monty Farms maintains world class environmentally friendly practices. We welcome and receive regular audits from our European and U.S. partners consistently exceeding their compliance requirements. We strive to do our part and leave the world a better place by contributing to sustainable development in our community through sustainable performance of our business.

We firmly believe that we can achieve far greater things together than alone and teamwork is the foundation of an efficient, effective, and enjoyable working environment. We apply this belief not only to the people with whom we work, but also our neighbors, our communities, and the clientele we faithfully serve.


OKO Granite Certification
Sedex Certification
Global Gap Certification
Primus GFS Certification
SGS Certification

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